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Welcome to the NewsPro homepage

What is NewsPro?
NewsPro is a webinterface for sending a newsletter or announcement to a list of email-recipients.
In addition with the NewsPro interface users can subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter themselves.

Which advantages does NewsPro provide?
- NewsPro does not require a database management system (DBMS) like MySQL and others.
- NewsPro is easy to use with the comfortable webinterface.
- NewsPro email databases may be exportet easily as they are only a ASCII file.
- NewsPro email recipients may subscribe or unsubscribe on their own. A manual maintenance is not necessary.

System requirements, on which systems does NewsPro run?
NewsPro is installed on a webserver and needs Perl and Sendmail.
It is tested on Linux and Solaris operating system with the Apache webserver. In general NewsPro is runable on every webserver that provides Perl and Sendmail.

Send me an email if updates are available:

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Actual News
15.09.2003: Bugfix release 1.0.4
Bugfix-release 1.0.4 has been released, this version hopefully fixes the problem that sometime sending many emails stops.
Please have a look at the download page!
31.07.2002: Bugfix release 1.0.3
Quick'n'short: 2 bugs have been discovered which are now fixed by the bugfix release 1.0.3.
First thing fixed is a password problem with different implementations of the crypt() routine. This prevented one in some situations to login to newspro the first time.
The second fix corrects handling of line ends. In some cases it was possible that double empty lines were produced by the script.
Please download your actual copy of NewsPro mail in our download section.
25.05.2002: Bugfix release 1.0.2
Today i release bugfix-release 1.0.2, this version really fixes the last-cookie-bug.
Please have a look at the download page!
23.02.2002: Bugfix release 1.0.1
Quick'n'short: 2 bugs have been discovered which are now fixed by the bugfix release 1.0.1.
First thing changed is, that 8-bit encoding is now implemented (this is needed for example the EURO sign). 2nd fixed bug is the last-cookie-bug that prevented you from using NewsPro mail in case that more than one cookie is used on your domain.
Please download your actual copy of NewsPro mail in our download section.
11.01.2002: release of version 1.0
As there are no more bugs, today i release version 1.0 of the popular NewsPro Newsletter.
Please have a look at the download!
09.01.2002: Looking forward to v1.0
The last two months development of newspro freezed and i waited for any upcoming new bug reports to fix. Many many people downloaded NewsPro 0.6 and use it, but no bugs were found.
This is good news for me, so i will make the step to version 1.0 in near future. I will implement some minor new things, but most of the current version will be the same and gets into 1.0 stable. So i will now have a look forward to upcoming features that will find their way into the version 1.x to 2.0 and so on. It would be nice if NewsPro would speak more languages, but their are no translators available. If you feel able to do a translation job, feel free to contact me:
08.11.2001: Russian language file 0.6
Today i added the russian language file for version 0.6
06.11.2001: release of version 0.6 !
Today i released the new version NewsPro 0.6.
There are many things made better and many bugfixes were included in this version!
Have a look at this list:

- full implementation and auto-recognition of foreign charsets (kyrillic etc.)
- implemented perl's internal security functions like -T and -w
- made newspro runable in a 755 environment
- subscribed email adresses are now case insensitive
- many many bugfixes :)

For a complete list of the changes have a look into the ChangeLog or get the Download and try it out! It's really easy to update from an older version!
14.10.2001: Russian language file
Until now a language file for russian language is available for NewsPro.
29.09.2001: release of final version 0.5 !
After a long period of waiting today i released the new version NewsPro 0.5. Many things are completely rewritten and many new features are included in this version!
Have a look at this short list:

- generates completely valid email headers
- better recognition of "fake" email adresses
- rewritten file locking (and now this also works on Sun Solaris Servers)
- better backup of the email database
- better and rewritten graphical user interface
- code completely available in english or german language
- memberlist is now subdivided in 50 users per page
- memberlist is either sorted by alphabet or by submission date
- easy creating of bug reports with integrated online form where many fields are automatically filled in now

For a complete list of the changes have a look into the ChangeLog or get the Download and try it out! It's really easy to update from an older version!
02.09.2001: Updated Homepage
With another homepage update i introduced the new section
28.07.2001: pre-realease 0.5b5 available now
I began work on release version 0.5b5 a few days ago.
The actual developer version is available for download now.
Please have a look at the actual feature list:

- more automatically filled fields in bug report mode
- a (now) working sort function ;)
- sorting of memberlist can be enabled or disabled
- the memberlist is subdivided in pages of 50 users per page
22.08.2001: Updated Homepage of NewsPro
I did some minor updates on this Homepage.
For example the wishlist is now online :-)
22.07.2001: NewsPro version 0.5b4 released
I'm proud to present NewsPro Version 0.5b4. Much work has been done on this release. Next to many bugfixes it now includes:

- language files for english and german
- preview a newsletter before sending it
- memberlist now sorted alphabetically
- a bug report form integrated in the GUI
- new english installation manual
- a usercounter
21.06.2001: Included english language support
Since now language files are supported by NewsPro. The actual development version 0.5b3 now contains two language files: english and german
You can get actual file in my download area.
19.06.2001: Translation to english began
Today i began implementing language files and translating from german to english. The english version should be available in a few days :-)
18.06.2001: Development on version 0.5b3
I began to correct some errors and so there is a new developer version available in the download area.
New in this version: complete rewrite of the flock() scheme. Windows version net available yet. Please wait one or two days.
15.06.2001: Corrected error in ZIP file v0.5b1
There was an error in the ZIP file for 0.5b1 developer version.
I have corrected the error and the new file is ready for download.
14.06.2001: New developer version 0.5b1
The new developer version 0.5b1 may be downloaded on our download page.
13.06.2001: Work on v0.5 began
I began work on the new version 0.5.
I introduced a TODO list for now.
You may get the developer version on our download page.
12.06.2001: Version 0.4 considered stable
Version 0.4 of NewsPro has much improvements in detail.
08.06.2001: Version 0.3
First version in productive action available.
06.06.2001: Version 0.2 for betatesting available
Version 0.2 is now available to beta testers.
Some errors while logging in where corrected.
03.06.2001: Initial release
This is the first release of NewsPro, at this time without graphical user interface.
01.06.2001: The idea
Since I needed a newsletter management program with webinterface and much of the tools I tested did not work properly i began to write an own one.