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Current Version: 0.2 (2003/06/28)

What is ts2msg?
ts2msg is a little tool written in c++ using QT that can convert *.ts files into *.po files (gettext format).

Sometimes it is useful to have a translation source file (.ts) from QT be converted to gettext format. For example if you want to edit it with KBabel or one of the other nice tools that are available on Linux.
In some situations, a software project might have many people which are working on a translation. Some of them may use a .po file, some other prefer .ts files. It is hard to keep these files in sync, and no one wants to do the same work on both files. So a converter is needed. Converting a compiled translation file (*.qm) into .ts is possible already with gettext tools. But it's not been possible to make a .po file out of a .ts file.
This is no problem anymore now with ts2msg.

ts2msg is covered by the GNU General Public License Version 2.

ts2msg version 0.2

The initial codebase for ts2msg has been written by Jasmin Blanchette <jasmin at trolltech dot com>.